Eating Well

Eating well is important for your overall wellbeing.


Eat breakfast
Start your morning with a healthy breakfast that includes lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


Balance your plate
Make half your plate fruits and vegetables which add color, texture, nutrients and fiber.


Watch portion sizes
A good tip is that one cup of food is the size of your fist and a cooked serving of meat is the size of the palm of your hand.


Good carbs
Pay attention to how many carbohydrates you’re eating and choose foods that are lower in calories and higher in healthy nutrients like fruits and vegetables.


Get cooking
Cook more at home where you can better control your ingredients and can be cost effective too. Go to our recipes section to learn about some great recipe ideas.


Read labels
Learn how to read nutrition labels to find foods high in nutrients and lower in carbohydrates, fat, and calories.


Cut back on added sugars
Food and drinks with added sugars can provide empty calories or little nutritional value. Learn how to read nutrition labels to see if your food and drink choices have added sugar.


Sugar substitutes to the rescue
To help with your sugar cravings in drinks and sweets, use a sweetener like Equal 0 calorie sweetener.